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Expansion of our "Service" division

“With the steadily growing demand for spare parts, maintenance, repairs and small projects, we have reorganized our “Service” division and handed over overall responsibility to our new service manager, Mr. Christoph Schmertmann.

The main objective of expanding the Service division is to enhance the technical advice, availability and flexibility of our customer-related activities. At the same time, we place a great deal of focus on the further professional development of our entire technical staff and the recruitment of new service employees with a training background in “mechatronics”.

Christoph Schmertmann is a service manager who is passionate about serving customers and building trusting, solid relationships. With his many years of experience as a service manager and co-partner in his parents' company, we have recruited an experienced technician and a customer-oriented, entrepreneurial manager for our company.

The management of Helmers Maschinenbau warmly welcomes Christoph Schmertmann and wishes him every success in working with our valued customers!" 

Helmers Maschinenbau - Christoph Schmertmann