Fully automatic or semi-automatic solutions

The path to optimizing your internal material and goods flows has led you to us and you have come to the right place! Conveyor technology concepts that are always grounded in planned work processes and the special framework conditions in your company are developed in a team – with our customers and partners. Benefit from our tailor-made solutions!

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Everything starts with an idea

First, we check the feasibility, analyze the situation, and after a simulation we start the planning and construction phase. After the system has been planned and optimized down to the last detail, production begins. We use stainless steel and other high-quality materials to give your machine a long usage life. The technical components are cutting edge and state-of-the-art. With the mechanical and electrical assembly, the new system moves into your premises. We take care of the commissioning and provide start-up assistance for all open questions. Our lifelong after-sales service is always available to you. Our qualified specialists ensure compliance with the highest safety, hygiene and quality standards with every step as a matter of course.

Our approach:

Our performance promise

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Perfect solution

We clarify all important questions about your project in an initial consulting. Once a possible solution has been found, real simulations give us information about the effectiveness of the measures in terms of profitability, efficiency and quality. This (preliminary) planning and simulation helps us work out the right solution for you. The result: a perfectly constructed, turnkey system precisely according to your requirements.

Successful teamwork

Whether for the development and implementation of tailor-made turnkey solutions, individual machines or the modernization and expansion of your existing system, our specialist knowledge is at your disposal every step of the way. Together, we will develop your project.

Start-up support

Every innovation initially raises many questions. We know our machines best and give you active support with our start-up support.

Reliable service

Optimal functionality of your system through our lifelong service. Regular inspection and maintenance are important to help identify problems in good time before they disrupt ongoing operations. If there is a problem, we analyze the problem and quickly find a solution to ensure that everything runs smoothly. And should something break, our spare parts service will quickly have the right spare part to hand.